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Kyari the Slowpoke & co.

Also featuring: Seppo - Charmander Extraordinaire!

@o_o@/ These pink curly ears are not to be mistaken for cinnamon buns! All Slowpokes have them, and they are not for eating. @u_u@ Neither are Slowpoke tails, regardless of what some people would have you think.

This journal is intended to be Poké-centric, used for the purposes of community-viewing/commenting and perhaps some roleplaying-related posting.

Kyari is a character at PokemorphMUSH (www.pokemorph.com or pokemorph). She is a very (excessively) kind young lady whose Pokemon-half genetics are of the Slowpoke species.

[Another character who might be heard from here is my Charmander-morph named Seppo. He has a lot of PEP and ENERGY. CAPS LOCK may be abused. ALSO EXCLAMATION MARKS; BECAUSE THEY ARE TO TEXT WHAT EXPLOSIONS ARE TO ACTION MOVIES!!!]

As you may guess, Slowpoke is my favorite non-legendary Pokémon. They are adorable, pink, and possessed of fearsome powers of awesome in the classic games (water + psychic + high HP = win).
Mew is my favorite overall. I also love Vulpix, Wartortle. . anything cute and cool. And mostly first gen. Sorry, new Pokémans! It just hasn't been the same since the classics.

And as you can see lately if you're following this journal, I'm also using it for creative writing. Beyond that, I don't like being too public. . but it's nice to meet you nonetheless?