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[Goodnight NaNo.]

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Dec. 1st, 2010 | 05:01 am
mood: crazycrazy

[November's overrr, but this is my parting bit for tonight: a skip-ahead section that I really want to get to sometime!]


“Felice..? You’re dead.”

“What, that means you aren’t happy to see me?”

A stunned Lukar catches himself staring hollowly at the familiar woman before him. There are superficial differences about her, but compared to her uncharacteristic attitude they are slight enough to almost miss. Her hair, he’s sure, was not so dark; it was a more vibrant blue. The exact shade matched a clear winter sky back home, or the tiny flowers of forget-me-nots. Other details he may have unwillingly forgotten in the hundreds of years since he last saw her -- living, breathing, standing before him. She appears hardly older now than she was then. The wizardress who was his wife. He again catches himself, this time reining back his thoughts as forcefully as possible. Then, as rapidly as possible, he formulates and distills the one theory that makes any sense of the situation to his mind.

“That means- Traveling in parallel! Felice are you nuts? -- stupid question; you’re insane. Traveling in parallel -- if the you of this universe wasn’t dead, you’d be insane multiplied twice over--”

She smacks him.

“You’re admitting you always did think I was crazy? At least you speak your mind now, Lukar. Seems like you’ve finally decided to grow up that much, along with your looks.”

He reflexively lifts a hand to his own age-lined cheek, but otherwise firmly ignores the sting of her hand. “The damage you could have caused -- may have caused -- by what you’ve done: have you any idea?”

The blue-haired woman shrugs a lithe, near-bare shoulder and blows a dismissive puff of air through perfect red lips. “Do you think I’d believe for a second that you didn’t try it?”

Lukar senses a muscle twitch under his eye, near the reddening mark where she had just slapped him. In that and a hundred other subtle ways, he feels himself admitting her point is justified, and that he’s missed her more than he could possibly describe. “You’re right. For a time I thought of nothing else.”

She smiles, disconcertingly.


One thing Lukar has not and presumably will not grow out of is his pattern of maintaining only relationships which are abusive to him. o_O
Felice's creator & I were sort-of talking about such things just this evening~! :D; . . . Regular Felice is not to be confused with this /actively/ hostile EvilFelice from the Alternate Universe though. (As this Lukar will eventually learn in the story, if I get get that far. It should be a brutal but Very interesting moment as he realizes what transpired to make her SO messed-up, and just how messed-up she is. EXCITING TIMES.)

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