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NaNo Part. . uh, 4? struggling to get Aio and Kaeya acting like themselves

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Nov. 10th, 2010 | 05:55 am
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“So if you didn’t get us out of there, Aio, what the heck just happened? Maybe it’s bad luck to question a good thing, but that was really weird.”

This girl, Kaeya Vandaga, has already begun an investigation into the new surroundings where she’s found herself. She clambers atop a heap of rock, gaining a better vantage for a view of the rust-stained landscape of pockmarked pavement; a deteriorating stretch of roadway given over to the sparse beginnings of sapling trees and brown grasses which push apart crevices in the glittering black surface. Her distinguished-looking companion watches her with faint indications of concern, or unease.

“Apart from presuming it had something to do with that light,” he starts slowly, “I’m afraid I have no answer for you. If you say you’re at a loss, then it must not be something which commonly occurs.”

“Uh-huh;” Kaeya confirms, skidding down the other side of the rock pile. “Sure isn’t!”

To look at her, the teenage girl wears simple clothes, styled for practicality and ease of movement. A pair of shorts, a red tank top and knee-high black boots; all mostly clean and plenty nice enough for everyday. Her long, flame-red hair is a pretty complement to her ruddy complexion. The man beside her, however, is more than well-groomed: he’s well-trained, in the sense of what some would erroneously refer to as “well-bred”. The way he stands shows good manners. Now, more accurately, it’s the way he walks. Once Kaeya loses interest in the jagged rubble heaps and decides to carry on down the road, he remains to the lady’s right and half a step behind her, letting Kaeya set the pace but sparing her from navigating the muddy edge where the former highway met the spindly, gnarled forest.

“Do you even have mages on your world who are capable of teleporting someone without their awareness?”

“Um, mages?”

“They... have the ability to use magic. Mage, magic-- Pardon me, if you don’t know what magic is I’m afraid I wouldn’t know where to begin to explain it.”

“No, it’s not exactly unheard of, but- it depends what you’re calling ‘magic’. Are you saying magic powers are pretty common where you come from?”

“It does depend on what you call magic, doesn’t it.” The young man’s expression grows increasing perplexed. “Teleportation, though; what about that?”

“Right. Uh,” Kaeya starts, then pauses. “Anybody can do that if they have a disc. All they have to do is input the destination and push the button. We don’t call that magic; it’s just technology.”

“You mean anyone could have sent us here-?”

“No, that’s not what it looks like to use a teleporter.”

“It isn’t what it generally looks like to teleport by use of magic, either,” replies Aio, frowning toward the far horizon. “Not as far as I’m aware. At least we’ve ruled out either possibility -- though it gets us nowhere.”

Not sure how to respond at first, Kaeya walks a few steps in silence. When she reaches the apparent limit of how long she can handle not talking, she asks the only question she can think of. “So what is magic like? You know, on your world.”

“What was it like...?” murmurs Aio, softly correcting to the past tense. Kaeya’s eyes show briefly her sense of guilt for reminding him, but she listens attentively. “...There were several varieties; different types altogether, drawing from different sources. The magic of my kind uses our own power, inherited or bestowed by those who came before--”

“So wait, YOU can do magic?”

“I-- Yes, I can use it.” The boy’s almond-brown eyes regain focus quickly, turning on Kaeya to wonder at her surprise.

Meeting eye contact, she sees nothing which could cause her to question Aio’s earnestness.

“Wow. As if today wasn’t crazy enough.”

He looks almost hurt.

“I didn’t mean it in a bad way against you,” Kaeya clarifies quickly, “Haven’t I showed what I can do? Around normal people, sometimes I feel like a freak -- but maybe you and I are a little bit the same. Look, most people can’t do this:”

For the demonstration of her ability, she singles out a sickly, shriveled tree, set apart from the forest by several yards of bare ground. She raises a finger, pointing to aim, and fixes her concentration on that spot. Surrounding her whole arm, the air begins to show the distortion effects brought on by intense heat.

For an instant flames engulf her; they wreathe themselves into coils, whirling once around her body before following the line of her gesture to spill and surge forward in the direction her hand dictates. A fiery explosion lights the late afternoon brighter than midday. The tree shatters.

As Aio looks on, a brief rain of still-burning fragments of wood falls to cap off the scene. To try to judge by his expression, he is impressed -- and possibly unnerved -- by the level of destruction. “Are you sure you don’t come from a long line of masters of that sort of skill?”
Kaeya, on the other hand, is simply stunned.

“As a matter of fact, I can’t usually do anything close to that. That was... a LOT bigger than I meant it to be.”

[Edit: I added an explosion which was due at some point anyway. Still not happy with this whole segment, but at least that part fits!]

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