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Part 3 - the Knick-Knack crew assess the situation

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Nov. 6th, 2010 | 08:27 am
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“Ough.” Rhyme’s voice, muffled by the the door that just stuck and blocked her way, sounds a smidgen less cheery than always. Nonetheless the captain is the first to open the airlock and to step clumsily over the verge, stumbling one foot over the other onto an entirely new world. “Crew,” she speaks through a handheld device, hooked to her jacket. “As predicted from our first impression: a safe, habitable environment seems to be confirmed. Still no clues for the mystery of the confused navigation comp’u! Seriously though, nothing to fear out here.”

“Nobody said we were SCARED. We’re just not DUMB. YOU gotta be the only one too impatient to put on a space suit before leavin’ the airlock when we don’t know hardly ANYTHING ‘bout where we are.” Next to emerge is a boy as loud as his hair -- which is vivid orange, and spiked back to attain the general shape of a pine cone put through a wind tunnel. He looks to be no older than than his captain, who herself carries the mantle of twenty-something years with all the bearing of twelve. Birds of a feather?

“Fiine Seppo, fiiine. Aand you’re right -- maybe. But ‘cha know I didn’t want to expose the rest of you to danger before I checked it out. And I didn’t say you were scared.”

“Some of us might be a little scared coming out here,” a contrastingly gentle voice interposes into the conversation, preceding the appearance of the ship’s cook. Kyari is the most grown-up of the lot: a woman of all-around average shape and size, but graced beautifully by long, glossy black hair. “After all, we’ve never gone into a jump state accidentally before. Much less without seeing the portal that we went through. And... with people disappearing along the way...” She takes pause, composing herself with the aid of an embroidered handkerchief before carrying on. “I’m glad that William is starting right away on the complete analysis of whatever readings the computer does come up with about this planet, and about what happened.”

“Tch’yeah, SOME people might be scared is right,” mumbles Seppo, earning a boot to the ankle from the less genteel lady beside him, and a cranky fizz of static around the words “I- I heard that!” and “Our daughter is missing! This is seriou-” before he hastily mutes Rhyme’s voice transmitter for her.

“-- Although I am worried whether he and Hope can manage it themselves. It would be a big help to have Ichi diagnose the programming logs in detail, I believe.” A look of fresh concern crosses Kyari’s face, eventually moving on to infect the other two.

In the moment’s uneasy atmosphere, Rhyme rallies for brave optimism, and a steadying dose of practicality: “Jimjammer knows what he’s doing. If there’s anything to figure out, they’ll figure it out! I’m sure we’ll find Ichi and Meiko in no time, once we just get our bearings. As for the rest of us, we’d better start doing our part. Unless there’s anything else you can think of that needs looking into on the ship, why don’t you both come take a look around with me?”

“What about me?”

Rhyme breaks her eyes from the scene of the unknown lands and cranes her neck back to the open hatchway door, now occupied by a beanstalk of a young man: skinny as can be, and at least a clean head taller than herself. “Oh, hey Rowan! Ummmm, sorry; would you mind sticking around to keep an eye out?”

The tall boy grins good-naturedly, nursing a freeze pack to the back of his head. “Not a problem,” he says.

“And Jenna?” asks Seppo, sour-faced. “Guess we better take her along, or she’ll start trying to distract you both when everyone else is busy.”

Suddenly bearing the expression and shifting eyes of one who senses they are being hunted, Rowan moves out of the way of the door. “Shut up, would you?”

“Soo you agree we should.”

“... Yeah. But don’t tell her, all right? She’ll be-”

“Rowan! You left!” Perfectly timed to interrupt, Seppo’s younger sister emerges from the ship. “You should still be lying down; you hit your head, remember? Sheesh!”

Rowan’s wince of reply probably indicates that he hasn’t forgotten -- although whatever else it may imply is up to interpretation by each onlooker. “Just getting a look outside, alright? I’m going back in now. I’ll be good, and I’ll be fine. How about that, mini-mom?”

Though it’s nothing to compete with her hair color (every bit as orange as her brother’s), the girl flushes a beet red shade, ripe with embarrassment and anger mixed.

“What?” she replies, turning the single word into a deeply dangerous one.

Each of the two males freeze. Kyari reaches out a hand, resting it feather-light on Jenna’s shoulder. “Do you know what..? I don’t feel so very much like going out and exploring quite yet. Would you join Captain Rhyme and your brother? I’d rather stay close to William, and I can try to keep your treatment regimen for Rowan going while you’re out. Please, Jenn?”

Of course, being reminded of the situation in such a manner, there’s no room left for refusal.

“Kyari... of- of course I’ll do that.”

“Perfect!” Captain Rhyme chirps up, scooping the two siblings up with one arm to each, and sweeping them away by a loose headlock. “We’ll be back before dinner, a’right-o, Kyari? See you later, Rowan; take it easy! If we come across anything really interesting, we’ll call. Byebye!”


In case you can't tell, I haven't actually figured out the setting yet. (at at the end of this I got impatient and went "THAT'SDONEOKAY" in very Rhyme-esque fashion) :O Well, I know /where/ it is, and I even have an idea what kind of scope the world has. I just don't know what it's going to be like there! Presumably the Knick-Knack didn't paddywhack itself into the middle of a city full of people -- otherwise I can't imagine how they'd have such a long conversation right off the hop -- but I don't even know if there /are/ cities yet. I'm thinking "yes". And I know there's at least 1 mountain, for Ranieh and Tab to have been climbing down.

ALSO! Important-like note: I, um, haven't actually asked everybody's permission for their PMM characters' adaptation. Sorry! (I needed SOMEBODY to be a fun-filled, high-strung cast of crazies accompanying Rhyme in her journeys through space) This is the extent of it, insofar as I don't have in mind anybody else to add (well, except Iedwyn and Merin and maybe one more villain), but if you're one of the people I'm kidnapping from and you have a problem with it, please let me know! I can stop posting about them in public, at the very least, and lock this entry away.

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