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NaNo intro (so far)

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Nov. 1st, 2010 | 05:13 pm
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It begins;

A veiling of the stars. A warning light flashing on a high-tech console. A jilt of the hand of a pocket watch. A quiver through the scryer’s gems, as all resonate to a high-pitched tone in unison. A fell wind from an uncertain direction. A tremor underfoot.

An uncanny dropped heartbeat of the universe.

Every universe.


“Magus Drachire, Sir, how are we to interpret these signals reported by outlook station Cepheus? There’s a flood of them incoming at their location, mirroring the reports from Ophiuchus-”

“Boötes as well.”

“And Volans, Sir.”

A silence falls though the crowded room, anticipating an answer from the target of the operations personnel’s mutual address.

Their commander issues a faint sigh. “...I have a feeling I’ve already figured this one out. Track the numbers accurately. They’ll be the fragments. We’ve got to check each one -- and see that they’re dealt with, as necessary.”

“Sir? But-- What just happened?”

An explanation is not forthcoming, as the man in the heavy cloak has already turned to exit in same manner as he arrived, sweeping through the automated door with an air of swift-acting purpose. The insignia of dragon wings over his shoulders leaves a silent last impression on his behalf.


And that's that for now. Yes, it's got Lukar in it. o o; Color me ashamed? I wanted to make some good use of this iteration of him. But he's not actually the main character, as far as I can predict. He's just the one who knows the most of what's going on -- besides, perchance, the villain of the piece. Who I actually haven't singled out yet! So there you go. Who knows.

Also, I heard it's a sort of typical practice for authors working quickly to pick a theme to base a set of names around when they need to name things, so that's where the random "I think I like how this one sounds" constellations came in. They kinda work for lending a sci-fi ish atmosphere that I was sortof going for right there, maybe? yaya~


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